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25% Off Middleweight & Heavyweight Turnout Horse Rugs


We are offering 25% off these rugs which include 200g, 300g and 400g standard and combos in both the horse/pony and Shetland/miniature ranges!  So – if you don’t have a requirement immediately worth thinking of next season as represent fantastic value as all 1200d outer fabric and Teflon coated!


With the weather very changeable but generally should be starting to get milder, this week we have chosen the 200g stable rug with fleece collar and tail flap as the rug of the week until Friday 24 February.  Can be used as a layer or a great intermediate weight rug as the weather improves and the horses don’t need quite so much protection.  Available in both the horse/pony and Shetland/miniature ranges at just £39 and £33 respectively – they are affordable and very smart to look at too!

Ruggles Horse Rugs and Accessories are made from the best materials and to our own design. Our range of horse, pony, Shetland pony, miniature horse and donkey rugs are designed to fit virtually every horse or pony.The Ruggles range includes budget horse rugs and lightweight to heavyweight turnout rugs, wicking/cooler rugs, fly rugs, lycra hoods/body suits, fleece hoods, summer sheets and fleeces. We sell quality horse rugs at affordable prices.