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A Horse Rug For Chillier Damper Nights

Horse Rug For Chillier Damper Nights

Are you looking for a horse rug for chillier damper nights? It might not be half way through August but overnight there is a definite feel of Autumn in the air – so even if it doesn’t rain have noticed there does seem to be quite a lot of dew on the ground and, certainly on our horses, that has prompted some hair growth!

If you are experiencing the same issue then we would thoroughly recommend the 100g turnout in either the standard or combo version. The rug has a bit of filling and we believe that though this doesn’t provide much warmth it does put a little ‘buffer’ between the horse and the outside of the rug which allows the air to circulate and the coat keeps really well and not clammy.

Available in both the horse/pony and Shetland/miniature ranges in both standard and combo and in the Heavy Horse range the standard is available. Various colour options.

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