Heavy Horse Stable Rugs

Quality Heavy Horse Stable Rugs

Keep your heavy horse warm and clean in their stable with our range of heavy horse stable rugs. At Ruggles, we ensure that we cater for all breeds, including heavy horses, so they can benefit from stable rugs. What’s more, we have carefully designed this collection of heavy horse stable rugs to make sure that they have key features that fit the heavier horse better and enable them to move freely and not feel restricted in their stable rug. Despite keeping our prices low, we haven’t compromised on the high quality of the heavy horse stable rugs; they’re simply just available in bigger sizes than our other ranges. We understand that finding rugs for heavy horses can be difficult, which is why we have ensured that we have a variety of designs, weights and sizes for owners to choose from for their four-legged friend.

At Ruggles, we have a quick delivery service of 1-2 working days. Despite this always not being guaranteed, typically you will receive your new rug after 1 day. We deliver our high-quality rugs to several countries across the world, so all owners can keep their horses’ snug when it’s cold outside with our collection of heavy horse stable rugs. We also have a guide to measuring your horse, so you can work out the exact size rug you need for your horse before placing your order. Browse our range of heavy horse stable rugs to find the best one to suit your horse, below.