Heavy Horse Turnout Rugs

Turnout Rugs For Heavy Horses

Having a heavy horse may present you with difficulty finding suitable turnout rugs that fit. Due to the broader shoulders, chest area, deeper girth, and shorter backs, you may find that most rugs are too snug or tight, restricting their movement when they are out in the field grazing. Additionally, due to heavy horses being taller, many rugs may be too short, resulting in your horse looking like their wearing a mini skirt when they join their friends in the field! Fortunately, your heavy horse doesn’t need to be embarrassed anymore, because we have designed turnout rugs for heavy horses with a deeper body and plenty of space for wider chests, shoulders and that lovely round bottom! Like our other turnout rug collections, our heavy horse turnout rugs have been made from the highest quality fabrics and carefully designed to ensure that there is a variety of sizes, styles, weights and colours for you to choose from. What’s more, we have neck covers that are ideal for the typical thick muscular neck found in heavy horse breeds. So, wave goodbye to the days of struggling to find heavy horse turnout rugs that fit and now enjoy browsing our beautiful range of lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight turnout rugs for heavy horses, so you can wrap your heavy horse up and protect him from the harsh weather conditions.