Fly Rugs

Summer & Fly Rugs For Heavy Horses

During the summer, it’s helpful to have a heavy horse summer sheet that can be versatile as a travel rug, light stable sheet and even as a show rug. Ideal for keeping your horse clean before an event or to use as a light layer if there is a slight breeze, our heavy horse summer sheet range has a variety of designs and styles for you to choose from to find the right one for your horse. Fly rugs are brilliant for helping to protect your horse from the irritating flies during the warm, summer months. They can be used to help prevent biting from flies and other insects that become attracted to horses whilst they are grazing in the summer. Fly rugs are also beneficial for helping to keep your horse protected from direct sunlight, by keeping their skin and coat from any damage that could be caused by the overexposure of the sun.