Summer & Fly Rugs For Heavy Horses

During the summer, it’s helpful to have a heavy horse summer sheet that can be versatile as a travel rug, light stable sheet and even as a show rug. Ideal for keeping your horse clean before an event or to use as a light layer if there is a slight breeze, our heavy horse summer sheet range has a variety of designs and styles for you to choose from to find the right one for your horse.

At Ruggles, we have carefully designed all our rugs, including our heavy horse summer sheet and heavy horse fly rug range with the comfort of the horse in the forefront of our minds. Therefore, our collection including combo rugs, coolers, lycra masks and detachable hoods, means that there is something for all heavy horses. We keep our prices affordable, but never compromise on quality. Browse our heavy summer and fly rugs for heavy horses, below.