Stable Rugs

Horse And Pony Stable Rugs

As they say, ‘happy horse, happy owner’, which is why we have carefully designed our entire range of rugs, including turnout rugs and stable rugs, with both the horse and owner in mind. We have taken colour, shape, material and accessories into consideration, so not only is your horse comfortable, but fitting the rug to your horse is now easy too. From a lightweight stable rug to combo heavyweight stable rugs, at Ruggles we have stable rugs suitable for all seasons and breeds, so no horse or pony will be cold during the year. Our affordable, yet high quality horse and pony stable rug range means that finding a suitable rug for your horse is easy – the hard part is deciding which colour you want! All of our horse stable rugs have shoulder gussets as standard as well as tail flaps and adjustable surcingle and chest straps, ensuring your horse or pony has plenty of movement in the rug.

Premium Pony And Horse Stable Rugs

As a trusted brand for horse and pony stable rugs, we stock adjustable stable rugs that allow you to alter the rug accordingly for the best fit for your horse or pony. It’s imperative that a rug fits a horse correctly, otherwise it could lead to a number of problems, including rubbing, additional sweating or even the horse/pony getting caught in the surcingle straps. Therefore, we have ensured that not only are our pony and horse stable rugs designed accurately and have adjustable straps in case they are a little too big, but we also have created a guide to measuring your horse, allowing you to get the right size rug for your horse/pony. With a variety of different styles, designs, sizes and weights available at Ruggles, all horse owners can be sure that there we have suitable stable rugs for their horse. Horses have restricted movement in their stables, so whether they are older, young or the temperatures have dropped a little while they are in overnight or during the day, by putting one of our horse stable rugs on them, you can leave the yard knowing that they are comfortable and the perfect temperature!