Horse Exercise Sheet & Walker Rug

Premium Horse Exercise Sheet Range

If you are looking to keep your horses warm as you ride on a cold or wet day, our horse exercise sheet range is perfect for you to browse. Available in a variety of sizes for horses and ponies, and an array of affordable prices, our collection is suitable for all horse owners. Despite keeping our prices accessible, we never compromise on quality, so you can be sure that your horse will have a layer of warmth, and benefit from the wicking properties in a horse exercise sheet made from premium materials. A popular choice in our horse exercise sheet range is the fleece exercise sheet in the stripe design and the famous and striking Newmarket colours. The Fleece Horse Exercise Sheet is made from a comfortable fleece material, so horses can be exercised, whilst staying dry and warm in this stylish fleece exercise sheet.

Browse our fleece exercise sheet range to find the design and style that best suits your horse, below.