Shetland Fleece Rugs

Quality Shetland Pony Fleece Rug Range

At Ruggles, our Shetland pony fleece rug range is perfect for wicking away sweat after exercise and baths, and can be used as a light stable rug or whilst travelling on colder days. Whether your Shetland is a companion or competes with their little jockey, our affordable Shetland fleece rug range means that they can be treated to a high-quality rug. Our variety of Shetland pony fleece rugs allows you to choose from a combo Shetland fleece to standard with neck covers, providing additional warmth for your horse. All of our Shetland pony fleece rugs are made from premium materials and are available in different sizes, ranging from 3ft to 4ft 9. Browse our Shetland pony fleece rug range to find the best one for your four-legged friend, below.