Shetland Hoods & Miniature Horse Body Suits

Made from the finest, durable lycra, our Shetland hoods are breathable and comfortable, keeping your Shetland clean and dry. The lycra Shetland hood range covers the ears, shoulders, neck, withers, mane, chest and face that is secured in place with a zip. Alternatively, if you opt for miniature horse body suits, your miniature’s body will also be covered. At Ruggles, despite all of our ranges, including turnout rugs and stable rugs, being created with premium materials, we keep our prices affordable, so all Shetlands can be protected. With multiple purposes, our Shetland hoods and miniature horse body suits are available in a variety of sizes, including small, medium and large; we have a measuring guide to help you find the best size for your Shetland. Browse our products, below.