Shetland Pony Stable Rugs

High-Quality Shetland Pony Stable Rugs

Keep your Shetland warm, clean and dry with our Shetland pony stable rugs at Ruggles, which are just a smaller version of our horse and pony stable rugs. With bespoke designs, high quality materials and exceptional prices, your Shetland can look and feel good and your bank account won’t have to suffer. We understand that finding a Shetland stable rug that fits correctly and is available in different sizes with adjustable surcingle straps for a complete fit is imperative, which is why we have a wide range of Shetland pony stable rugs for you to browse. We even cater for section A’s, donkeys and miniature Shetlands, so no horse will be cold when the temperatures drop – especially if they are clipped! Each rug has features that have been well-designed and thought about, making a leading Shetland stable rug range. At Ruggles, we ensure that all horses, ponies, Shetlands and donkeys have something to wear in all temperatures, so we even have mini Shetland stable rugs for when the elements are very harsh. Our collection of Shetland pony stable rugs doesn’t compromise on anything; they’re simply smaller!