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Spanish Mastin Rescued

Spanish Mastin rescued – was sent the e-mail below and pictures from Susi who had purchased one of our Shetland rugs for her Spanish Mastin as she has been unable to find dog coats big enough!  I was touched by this story and thought would share it with others as it is a real success story.  As you will see he was rescued from Spain and has obviously found a loving home here in the U.K.   I absolutely hate animal cruelty but pleased in this case the dog seems to have recovered and obviously still trusts humans!

Dear Ruggles Team
Here is BamBam modelling your 3ft no fill turnout rug.
He is a Spanish Mastin. A rescue from Spain. (Some cruel person tied a weight around his neck and threw him into flash floods) Despite all he’s been through, he is the most loving, loyal dog.
Can never get dog coats to fit him though. As he’s the size of a Shetland, this rug fits him perfectly!
Best wishes