Double Bonded Show Fleece 7’3 & 7’6

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Double Bonded Show Fleece 7’3 & 7’6

The double bonded show fleece 7’3 & 7’6 has been reduced to clear!  There is absolutely nothing wrong with these rugs – they are brand new and in original packaging.  However, we are phasing out 7’3 and 7’6 in the horse/pony range following the introduction of our Heavy Horse range of rugs.  So – these rugs are not designed for the HH type breeds (Shire, Percheron, Suffolk etc) but ideal for the a stocky/big horse.

The fleece is an extremely smart rug that could have many uses such as travel, at shows or alternatively as a wicking/cooler rug for use after bathing or exercise. The rug is double thickness so could also be used in colder months as a layer for warmth.

The double layers are bonded and there is a beige ‘cuff’ which is soft at the wither area.  There is one under belly strap with quick release clip and a fillet string is also fitted to help to keep the back end of the rug in place.  At the chest there are double adjustable straps with D rings and quick release clips which makes the rug very quick to put on and off and also the level of adjustment means that the rug does fit a variety of horses and ponies.

We thoroughly recommend this rug and we have found it is particularly popular with people who wish to have the rugs embroidered as the thickness of the rug means that they embroider extremely well.

The rugs are washable and are packed in zipped bag with handles which are ideal for storing when not in use.

In summary these rugs are:

  • Available in 7’3 and 7’6 only – not designed for HH types
  • Double bonded fleece with beige cuff
  • Wicking properties so can be used after bathing or exercise
  • Fillet string
  • Double adjustable chest fastenings with quick release clips

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