Miniature Horse Lycra Body Suits – Seconds

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Miniature Horse Lycra Body Suits – Seconds

These miniature horse Lycra body suits – seconds have not been cut exactly to our pattern but otherwise there is nothing wrong with them.  This was a manufacturing issue and the suits are being remade.

The main issues are that the face piece is slightly too long and the belly bands are set a little more central than our usual design.

The features of this suit are:

  • Four way stretch high quality  nylon lycra
  • Fleece noseband for comfort
  • Detachable tail cover
  • Belly band
  • Stitching seams to the outer to help avoid rub marks
  • Machine washable – we recommend cool/warm wash with non-biological product and allow to dry naturally

Available in:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

As a guide we would advise 3’3 = S, 3’6 = M and 3’9 = L

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