Shetland-Miniature-Donkey-Section A 50g Turnout Neck Cover

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Shetland-Miniature-Donkey-Section A 50g Turnout Neck Cover

The Shetland-miniature-donkey-Section A 50g turnout neck cover is designed to match the 50g turnout rug listed separately or will fit on any other Ruggles rug (except the new V2 design).

The neck cover is made from 1200d waterproof/breathable outer fabric which has been Teflon coated to make it extra tough and more resistant to moisture and staining.  The underside is soft Nylon to help prevent friction and rubbing.  There are double adjustable neck fastenings and 3 straps for attaching the neck to the rug together with a Velcro patch for matching to the Velcro on the rug for extra security.  A particularly nice feature is the elasticated element at the poll which helps to keep the neck in place and prevent so much rain/wind going down the mane line.

The neck cover comes packed in a zipped bag with handles – ideal for storing when not in use.

Below is a sizing guide for the necks based on being fitted to a Ruggles rug.

Rug size 3’0 S
Rug size 3’3 – 3’6 M
Rug size 3’9 – 4’0 L
Rug size 4’3 – 4’9 XL

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