Spray on Re-proofer 250 ML

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Spray On Re-Proofer 250ml

The spray on re-proofer 250ml is a handy to have particularly if any of your rugs are getting older or if washing at home.  The 250ml bottle of Ruggles Durable Water Repellent is sold complete with trigger spray so ready to use.

This re-proofer can be used on many fabrics but we are selling with the focus on reproofing water repellent Lycra hoods and body suits and turnout rugs – it is extremely effective and water ‘beads’ from the items once treated.  The spray will also work on clothing, tents etc that need reproofing.  The re-proofer is also available in 1 litre bottle.

For best results, lay the item on a flat surface and spray directly on to the hood or rug and allow to air dry. Full instructions are printed on the bottle.

The 250ml would be suitable for hoods, parts of rugs or miniature turnout rugs.  For bigger areas such as whole horse rugs we would recommend the 1 litre bottle.