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Shop Soiled Stripe Fleece 5’9

This rug is still in original packaging but unfortunately it has a few marks on – think it was from when the fabric manufactured at the mill as looks like a few dark bits have ‘bled’ into the lighter colours.  Not many but means need to sell as a second.  Full information below:

The stripe fleece rug with tail flap and shoulder gusset is an extremely versatile rug as can be used for travelling, to wick away moisture after exercise/bathing, as a stand alone rug or be used as part of a layering system in colder months.  At shows this is an extremely smart rug for stable wear or between classes and when cooling off!

The rug has double adjustable chest straps with quick release clips and D rings which makes it extremely quick and easy to put on and off and allows for plenty of adjustment which means that the rug will fit a wide range of horses from the chunky to the fine.  There is a generous tail flap which offers some protection when stabled or travelling and is particularly useful for those horses that rub but for all horses it helps to keep them a little cleaner.  There is a fillet string to help keep the back of the rug in place and double adjustable surcingle straps which have rubber stoppers to help stop the straps from unfastening.

There is a soft lining at the chest to help avoid friction and therefore less chance of rubbing and for the comfort of the horse there is a wither protector.  To allow the horse greater ease of movement which can also help prevent friction/rubbing, the rug also features generous shoulder gussets.  A taped back seam helps to keep the rug shape and prevent excessive stretching.

The rug is machine washable and is sold in a zipped reusable bag with handles which is ideal for storing the rug when not in use.

This extremely smart rug features:

  • Shoulder gussets
  • Wither protector
  • Double adjustable chest straps with quick release clips
  • Tail flap and fillet string
  • Double adjustable surcingle straps with rubber washers

If you have a dog that needs sometimes needs drying out we now have dog coats in the stripe fleece!

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