Shop Soiled Water Repellent Lycra Hood With Ears – XXL

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Shop Soiled Water Repellent Lycra Hood With Ears – XXL

This has not been used on a horse but not in original packaging and so may have odd mark on it from being in the warehouse.  Otherwise in perfect condition.  Full description below:

The Ruggles water repellent Lycra hood with zip and chest fastening is made from 200g nylon quality four way stretch Lycra.  The zip makes the hood easier to put on and off and the strap between front legs and adjustable girth fastening with clip helps to keep the hood as secure. We have found that the nylon Lycra snags less than the usual polyester Lycra but still have the same stretch qualities for an excellent fit. Although not waterproof, the hoods are water repellent so in the stable they will be less absorbent thus helping to prevent staining and out in the field they will be shower proof and help in those muddy puddles! Please note that in very heavy or persistent showers etc they will not keep all moisture out.
So, these hoods will still help to keep plaits flat and horse cleaner in the stable environment but if wanted for turnout will have the benefit of being water repellent and helping to absorb less moisture when rolling etc. Please note they are manufactured from lycra and prone to ‘snag’ if rubbed on fencing, trees etc.

It features:

  • High quality 4 way stretch 200g nylon quality lycra hood
  • Water repellent
  • Nylon zipper from chin to chest – easier to put on
  • Fleece soft band on nose for extra comfort
  • Available with or without ears
  • High quality long lasting elastic strap at girth point
  • Available in five sizes.

Approximate sizes given below. Please note this is a guide based on average sizes. If your horse is particularly fine or chunky then please adjust accordingly:

  • Small = rug size approx 4’9 – 5’6
  • Medium = rug size approx 5’9 – 6’0
  • Large = rug size approx 6’3 – 6’6
  • X-Large = rug size approx 6’9 – 7’0
  • XX-Large = 7’3 +

IMPORTANT – when washing these hoods it is essential that there is no trace of any biological products in the machine as it will strip the repellency! If your machine has had any biological products in then we recommend you run the machine on empty on a very hot wash to clean the pipes. We recommend short cycle (or hand wash) on cool/warm temperature and short spin

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