Washing Machine Zipped Bag




Washing Machine Zipped Bag

The washing machine zipped bag is available in two sizes and is most useful for protection your washing machine from hardware (such as buckles and clips) and also pet hair – whether it be horse, dog etc as the pet hair can be very damaging and shorten the life of your machine.  The bags are ideal for products such as fleece rugs, saddle pads, dog coats and blankets and the like.

Once the washing cycle has finished the hair will be trapped inside the bag.  The easiest way to remove the hair is to let the bag dry, turn inside outside out and shake/brush away the hair.

The zipped bags are made from polyester and there is a loop for hanging the bags up when not in use.

The zipped pet washing machine bags are available in sizes:

X-Large          75cm x 80cm

Large              58cm x 75cm

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