Heavy Horse 100g 1200D Teflon Coated (Necks Available)

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Heavy Horse 100g 1200D Teflon Coated Turnout Rug (Necks Available)

The Ruggles heavy horse 100g 1200D Teflon coated turnout rug has been designed specifically so fit the heavier breeds such as the Shire, Clydesdale and so on so are deeper and more generous at the shoulder and chest. We thoroughly recommend the 100g rugs as they are brilliant in wet and windy conditions as the thin layer of filling helps to allow the air to circulate between the rug and the elements – particularly useful for hardier types in colder months where a bit more protection than a no fill is required. The rug is sold as a standard rug with D rings on, so necks can be purchased, if required, which are listed separately.

Made from 1200d waterproof and breathable outer fabric, this rug has also been Teflon coated which provides extra protection, less staining and absorption so moisture beads from the outside of the rug making the rug lighter to handle in wet conditions. The heavy horse 100g 1200D rug has been cut extra deep and generously at the chest to ensure a good fit on these broader builds of horse. The rug has a soft nylon lining to help prevent rubbing and keep the coat smooth.  Taped seams.

Other features of this rug are cross surcingles with rubber washers to help unfastening, a generous tail flap, taped seams, very generous shoulder pleat to allow for freer movement of the horse and a wither protector. There are detachable webbing leg straps which are not sewn in – meaning that they can be removed if not required or easily replaced (without the need for expensive repairs) if damaged. At the chest there are double adjustable chest straps with D rings and quick release clips ensuring that once adjusted to the horse putting on and off is nice and quick as just two clips to attach. Velcro at the chest also features. There are 3 d rings on the rug for attaching a neck cover if required – the necks are listed separately.


In summary these rugs feature:

  • Waterproof and breathable 1200D Teflon coated outer with 100g filling
  • Deep cut
  • Soft nylon and taped seams
  • Detachable leg straps
  • Cross surcingles with rubber washers
  • Wither protector
  • Double adjustable chest straps with quick release clips
  • Shoulder pleat
  • Generous tail flap

If you have a dog that would benefit from a dog coat these are now available in fleece, no fill and with some padding!

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