Heavy Horse Combo Fly Rug With Tail Flap




Heavy Horse Combo Fly Rug With Tail Flap

The heavy horse combo fly rug with tail flap is designed for the heavier breeds such as Percheron, Clydesdale, Shire etc and is more generous in depth and at the chest and shoulders to ensure a good fit for these types.

The rug is made from soft but strong close weave mesh and due to the density offers excellent protection.  There is also soft lining at the chest and mane line to help prevent rubbing and keep the coat smooth.  The rug has generous shoulder gussets which allows the horse better freedom of movement and this in itself helps again to prevent friction/rubbing. The rug has a very generous tail flap with fillet string.  There are adjustable/detachable webbing leg straps which can be removed if not required.  At the chest there are double adjustable chest straps with D rings and quick release clips – the benefit of this being that once the straps are adjusted for the horse then putting on/off is quick here as just two clips to fasten.  There is also Velcro for extra security.  The rug has surcingle straps with rubber washers to help unfastening.  There is an elasticated element at the poll to help keep the neck in place.

The rug comes packed in a zipped bag with handles – ideal for storing the rug when not in use.

In summary these very popular fly rugs feature:

  • Soft but strong weave mesh
  • Shoulder gussets
  • Very generous tail flap with fillet string
  • Detachable webbing leg straps
  • Generous shoulder gussets
  • Cross surcingles with rubber stoppers
  • Combo neck with elasticated poll
  • Soft lining to chest and mane line
  • Adjustable chest straps with quick release clips

We have mesh and Lycra fly masks for the Heavy Horses in the range.

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