Heavy Horse Fly Rug And Neck Cover




Heavy Horse Fly Rug And Neck Cover

New to the range this heavy horse fly rug and neck cover blocks up to 70% of UV rays.  The lightweight, breathable mesh helps to keep your horse cool and protected from the insects.  The standard fly rug and detachable neck cover gives the flexibility to choose whether to have the neck on.  This range has been designed for the heavy horse types, for example Percheron, Suffolk Punch, Clydesdale, so deeper down the sides and more generous at the chest and shoulders.

The fly rug has a generous tail flap with an elasticated element on the underside to put the tail through if you choose.  Detachable webbing leg straps keep the rug securely in place.  A belly band offers protection to the underside.  There is a silky lining at the chest and shoulders which helps to prevent rubbing.

The detachable neck attaches to the rug by a series of Velcro straps.  At the chest there are double chest straps with surcingle type fastenings.  Shoulder gussets allow the horse ease of movement and help to prevent rubbing.

The rug is machine washable – cool/warm cycle with a non-biological product and allow to dry naturally.  Packed in a zipped bag with handles, the rug can be stored when not in use.

This new product to the range features:

  • Lightweight, breathable polyester mesh
  • Designed for heavy horse types 
  • Mesh blocks up to 70% of UV rays
  • Lined chest and shoulders to help prevent rubbing
  • Detachable webbing leg straps
  • Generous tail flap 
  • Belly band with elasticated straps
  • Shoulder gussets
  • Double adjustable chest straps with surcingle type fastenings 
  • Machine washable
  • Packed in a zipped bag with handles

We have a range of mesh fly masks and pull on Lycra fly masks.

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