Heavy Horse Mesh Fly Mask With Or Without Ears




Heavy Horse Mesh Fly Mask With Or Without Ears

The Ruggles Heavy Horse fly mask with or without ears is made from a tough mesh on the face which is darted to keep the fabric away from the sensitive eye area.  This mask is designed for the heavier type such as Shire, Percheron etc.  The nose band is made from soft but tough neoprene which is extremely comfortable for the horse and provides a better fit than regular binding.  There is also a neoprene patch at the brow to help prevent rubbing at this point.  The back of the mask and the ears (if ears included) are made from close weave mesh which is insect proof and tough but softer for these more delicate areas.

The masks have two double locking Velcro fastenings.

We have a range of fly rugs including which give fantastic protection against insects for the Heavy Horse.

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