Nylon Lycra Hood With Zip – Ears or Ear Holes




Nylon Lycra Hood With Zip – Ears or Ear Holes

The Ruggles nylon lycra hood with zip is one of our most popular items and this line is made from nylon Lycra as we believe the fabric is better than standard lLcra and lasts much longer than the polyester equivalent and certainly doesn’t seem to ‘snag’ so easily.  It still has the same four way stretch properties so the fit is excellent.  The hoods are ideal for keeping the head and neck clean and dust free and brilliant for keeping plaits in place and manes flat.

There is a chin to chest zip which makes the hood much easier to put on and off – even for head shy horses.  There is a soft fleece nose band for the comfort of the horse and also to help prevent marking the coat.  There is a strap which goes between the front legs and then a clip fastening which helps to keep the hood securely in place.
This Ruggles Lycra hood with zip is available with or without ears, is machine washable (on a warm and gentle cycle – natural drying) and is ideal for keeping your horses head and neck clean and dust free and plaits in place. The hood is available with or without ears.

  • High quality 4 way stretch nylon Lycra
  • Zipper from chin to chest – easier to put on
  • Fleece soft band on nose for extra comfort
  • Ears or no ears option
  • High quality long lasting elastic strap at girth point with high quality SRB (Side Release Buckle) clip fastening
  • Available in five sizes – Approximate sizes given below


The below is a guide which is good for the vast majority.  Modify up/down if your horse is particularly chunky/fine etc:

  • Small = horse rug size approx 5’0 – 5’6
  • Medium = horse rug size approx 5’9 – 6’0
  • Large = horse rug size approx 6’3 – 6’6
  • X-Large = horse rug size approx 6’9 – 7’0
  • X-X-Large = horse rug size approx 7’3 – 7’6

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