Water Repellent Lycra Without Face Without Ears




Water Repellent Lycra Hood Without Face

The water repellent Lycra hood without face is an excellent choice for those who wish to have a hood to keep the neck clean, plaits in place or mane flat but who do not wish for the face of the horse to be covered.

Made from four way stretch Lycra, this hood has also been treated to make it water repellent.  It is not water proof but will repel a shower or roll in the mud and in the stable would not absorb as much so less staining – a bonus if you have a light coloured horse!

The hood has a zip so easier for putting on and off and holes for the ears to go through.  There is a strap between the front legs and an elastic strap at girth with clip for securing and helping to keep the hood in place. We have slightly extended the length of the neck so that for turnout when grazing the hood is less likely to ‘pull back’.

The hood is machine or hand washable but it is vital that no biological products come into contact with the hood as this will strip the repellent properties.  If going to machine wash, we would recommend that an empty boil wash is undertaken first to clear out the pipes if biological products have been used.  The hood must dry naturally.

Packed in a zipped bag with handles which is ideal for storing the hood when not in use.

The features of this hood are:


  • High quality 4 way water repellent stretch Lycra hood
  • Nylon zipper – easier to put on
  • High quality long lasting elastic strap at girth point

Approximate sizes given below:

  • Small = rug size approx 4’9 – 5’6
  • Medium = rug size approx 5’9 – 6’0
  • Large = rug size approx 6’3 – 6’6
  • X-Large = rug size approx 6’9 – 7’0
  • XX-Large = rug size approx 7’3

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