400g Heavyweight Combo Stable Rug With Tail Flap

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400g Heavyweight Combo Stable Rug With Tail Flap

The 400g heavyweight combo stable rug with tail flap provides plenty of warmth and protection so ideal for clipped horses and cold weather!

The rug is breathable and has a soft nylon lining to help prevent rubbing and to keep the coat smooth and shoulder gussets allow freer movement for the horse particularly when lying down/standing up so less likely to cause friction to the coat and therefore less chance of rubbing. The rug has double adjustable surcingle straps with rubber washers to help unfastening.  There are double adjustable chest straps with quick release clips – the advantage here is that once the straps are adjusted to the size of the horse putting on and taking off is quick and easy as just two clips to fasten at the chest.  This type of chest closure system also means there is plenty of adjustment so good for a wide variety of horse builds. There is a generous tail flap and a fillet string fitted to help keep the back end of the rug in place.  There is a combo neck with double Velcro neck fastenings and there is no rough join on the underside of the neck which can cause rubbing.  A particularly good feature is the elasticated element at the poll which helps to keep the neck in place and helps to prevent heat loss and less pressure on the mane line.

The rug is machine washable and comes packed in a zipped bag with handles – ideal for storing when not in use.

In summary this rug features:

  • Soft lining
  • Generous tail flap and fillet string
  • Cross surcingles with rubber washers
  • Double adjustable chest straps with quick release clips
  • Velcro neck fastenings
  • Elasticated poll to help keep warmth in and neck in place
  • Machine washable and packed in zipped bag with handles

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