Combo Fly Rug With Belly Band And Ear Holes




Combo Fly Rug With Belly Band And Ear Holes 
The Ruggles combo fly rug with belly band and ear holes is made from a soft, tough and close weave mesh and offers excellent value for money.

The rug is deep fitting with a very generous tail flap and fillet string.  There are detachable webbing leg straps which can be removed if not required or easily replaced if get damaged as we do not sew our leg straps in. Along the mane line and at the chest there is soft nylon lining to help prevent rubbing.  The rug has a belly band which is permanently attached on one side and adjustable on the near side with three Velcro straps and flaps to protect and help keep securely fastened.  From chin to chest there are multiple Velcro fastenings.

At the chest there are double adjustable chest straps with D rings and quick release clips.  Once the straps are adjusted to the size of the horse or pony fastening and unfastening becomes a quick and easy job as only have to attach the two clips to the appropriate D ring.  For ease of movement there are generous shoulder gussets.  The combo neck has holes for the ears and finishes at the brow with soft fleece round the ear holes for comfort. The neck has extra length to enable the horse to graze more comfortably.

The rug is machine washable and is packed in a zipped bag with handles which is ideal for storing the rug when not in use.

In summary this excellent rug features:

  • Strong but soft mesh
  • Belly band with Velcro straps
  • Extremely generous tail flap with fillet string
  • Detachable webbing leg straps
  • Part lined with soft nylon
  • Double adjustable chest straps with quick release clips
  • Multiple Velcro straps at neck
  • Combo neck with fleece edged ear holes

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