100g Standard V2 Turnout Rug




100g Standard V2 Turnout Rug

The 100g standard V2 turnout rug is a fantastic rug for hardier types in colder months or as a lighter fill rug in wet and windy conditions.  We highly recommend 100g fill rugs as though they have a thin layer of filling it does not provide much warmth but does seem seem to provide a bit of a ‘buffer’ from the elements and in our experience and from feedback received the horses do not seem to get so clammy underneath.The rugs are made from 1200D waterproof/breathable/windproof outer fabric (5000mm/5000g/m2/24hrs) and has the added benefit of Teflon™ coating which offers extra protection and more resistance to moisture and staining. The underside has a soft polyester lining which helps to prevent rubbing and keep the coat smooth and there are shoulder gussets which allows the horse easier movement which in itself helps to prevent friction on the coat. The rug has a generous tail flap with reflective strip and there are detachable webbing leg straps – the benefit here being that they are not sewn in so easy to remove if not required or to replace if get damaged as no sewing required.  There is a wither protector for the comfort of the horse and either side are Velcro fastenings for attaching a neck cover if required (listed separately).  There are double adjustable surcingle straps with rubber washers to help stop the straps unfastening. At the chest there are double adjustable straps with D rings and strong durable trigger clips – the advantage here being that once the straps are adjusted to fit the horse it is very quick and easy to put on and off at the chest as just two clips to fasten.  There is also a Velcro patch at the chest for extra security.  There are reflective strips at the chest, hind quarters and on tail flap which are particularly useful if needing to lead horses on roads.  Taped seams also feature.

The rug is machine washable and comes packed in a zipped bag with handles – ideal for storing the rug when not in use.

In summary this rug features:

  • 1200D waterproof/breathable and Teflon™ coated outer fabric
  • 100g filling
  • Soft polyester lining
  • Shoulder gussets
  • Tail flap with reflective strip
  • Detachable webbing leg straps
  • Wither protector
  • Double adjustable chest straps with strong durable trigger clips
  • Velcro strips either side of wither protector for attaching neck if required (available separately)
  • Reflective strips at chest, hind quarters and tail flap

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