Fleece Horse Exercise Sheet – Stripe




Fleece Horse Exercise Sheet – Stripe

The fleece horse exercise sheet – stripe design is an ideal choice if you just wish to provide a layer of warmth and some wicking properties in colder weather.  There is a fillet string to help keep the back end of the sheet in place.   The design is for the saddle to go on top of the sheet and there is a cut away for the rider’s leg.

Guide on Sizing:
XS 4’6-5’0
S 5’3 – 5’6
M 5’9 – 6’0
L 6’3 – 6’6
XL 6’9 – 7’0
XXL 7’3+

If you have a dog that needs sometimes needs drying out we now have dog coats in the stripe fleece!

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