Waterproof Fleece Lined Exercise Sheet




Waterproof Fleece Lined Exercise Sheet

The waterproof fleece lined exercise sheet is made from 1200D waterproof/breathable Teflon coated outer fabric.  The advantage of the Teflon coating is that it beads away rain drops and is also tougher and more stain resistant.  The exercise sheet is ideal for exercising in colder or wetter conditions.  There is a fillet string to help keep the back end of the sheet in place.   The design is for the saddle to go on top of the sheet and there is a cut away for the rider’s leg.

Guide on Sizing:
XS 4’6-5’0
S 5’3 – 5’6
M 5’9 – 6’0
L 6’3 – 6’6
XL 6’9 – 7’0
XXL 7’3+

If you have a dog that would benefit from a dog coat these are now available in fleece, no fill and with some padding!

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