Walker Rug 100g 1200D Outer Fabric




Walker Rug 100g 1200D Outer Fabric

The Ruggles 100g 1200D walker rug is the ideal choice to provide some protection from the rain or cold when being exercised.  However, the walker rug can be used for more than just ‘walker’ use as are also ideal for lunging or when riding/leading.  Customers also tell us they have found they can be useful at shows in wet weather to help keep horses dry prior to entering the ring.

The walker rugs with 100g filling are made from 1200D waterproof and breathable outer fabric.  The rug has a soft polyester lining throughout to help to prevent friction and rubbing and also to keep the coat smooth. There is a light weight 100g filling which, whilst not providing much warmth, we believe the thin layer allows the air to circulate a bit between the rug and the horse’s coat which we have found seems to keep the coat in better condition and doesn’t ‘cling’ so much.

The walker rug with 100g light filling has double adjustable surcingle straps with rubber washers to help unfastening.  There is a fillet string to help keep the back end of the rug in place and a wither protector also features.  There is an adjustable shaped chest strap with surcingle type fittings.

Features of this useful rug are:

  • 1200D waterproof/breathable fabric
  • 100g light filling
  • Soft nylon lining
  • Fillet string
  • Double adjustable surcingle straps with rubber stoppers to help unfastening
  • Wither protector
  • Adjustable chest strap with surcingle type fastenings

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