Shetland/Miniature Combo Wicking Rug With Tail




Combo Triple Layer Wicking Rug With Tail Flap and Shoulder Gusset
The Ruggles Shetland/Miniature combo wicking rug with tail flap is a fantastic rug to use after exercise or bathing as the moisture wicks to the outside of the rug very quickly leaving the pony warm and dry whilst the moisture on the outside evaporates. This rug is particularly popular in the colder months or if short of time as they do dry the coats very quickly – and if you leave the rug on them then the moisture will evaporate away while the pony is warm and dry so no need to worry about drying the rug!

The Shetland/Miniature combo wicking rug is also very warm as are triple layer but quilted to reduce bulk – so are quite useful in colder months as an extra layer for warmth.   It is also a very good rug for travelling in colder weather.

The combo rug has a generous tail flap with fillet string to help keep the back end of the rug in place.  There are double adjustable surcingle straps with rubber washers to help stop the straps unfastening.  There are generous shoulder gussets for easier movement for the horse and the chest and mane line are lined with soft nylon to help reduce friction and rubbing.  At the chest there are double adjustable straps and D rings with quick release clips – very useful in cold weather as makes the rug very quick and easy to put on and off once the straps are adjusted to the fit of the pony.  There is a combo neck with Velcro neck fastenings and a particular feature is the elasticated poll which helps to keep stop the neck slipping back down the mane line and also helps in retaining the warmth.

The rug is machine washable and is packed in a zipped bag with handles – ideal for storing the rug when not in use.

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