Shetland-Miniature-Donkey-Section A Cooler Rug

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Shetland-Miniature-Donkey-Section A Cooler Rug

The Shetland-miniature-donkey-Section A cooler rug with jersey panel is ideal in warmer weather after exercise/bathing, for travel or as a light stable rug.

The soft jersey panel on the top line of the rug helps to wick away moisture but due to the lightweight fabric and the fact that it is 100% breathable does not overheat but allows the moisture to rise and evaporate.  The rug has double adjustable surcingle straps with rubber washers to help unfastening and there is a fillet string fitted to help keep the back of the rug in place.  There are double adjustable chest straps and a wither protector for comfort.  The bottom section of the rug is made from wide holed mesh which allows for excellent air movement.  At the chest and shoulder there is soft lining for comfort and to provide extra strength.

This smart looking and most versatile rug comes packed in a zipped bag with handles which is ideal for storing the rug when not in use.

The features of this rug are:

  • Soft jersey panel on top line – to help wick away moisture
  • Double adjustable surcingle straps with rubber washers
  • Double adjustable chest straps
  • Fillet string
  • Wither protector
  • Soft wide holes mesh to lower section
  • Lined at chest and shoulder