Miniature Horse Lycra Body With Tail Cover – Patterned

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Miniature Horse Lycra Body Suit Detachable Tail Cover – Patterned

The miniature horse Lycra body suit detachable tail cover – patterned – is a most useful item as will keep manes flat, plaits in place and keep the horse a little cleaner – particularly useful when preparing for a show/competition. There is a detachable tail cover.

The stitching has been reversed so the smoother side (which is normally to the outer for appearance sake) is on the inside and the rougher stitching on the outer – this has been done intentionally to further try and help prevent rubbing and keep the coat smooth.  There is a soft fleece nose band for comfort of the horse and to help prevent marking of the coat.  The tail sleeve is detachable.  There is a belly band to keep the suit in place and to help keep the underside cleaner.

The features are:

  • Four way stretch Lycra
  • Fleece nose band for comfort
  • Detachable tail sleeve
  • Belly band

Available in Small, Medium and Large. As a guide we would advise 3’3 = S, 3’6 = M and 3’9 = L

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