Shetland Lycra Hood With Zip

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Shetland Lycra Hood With Zip

The Shetland Lycra hood with zip is made with four way stretch Lycra to give an excellent fit.  The hoods also have the benefit of a chin to chest zip to make the hood easier to put on and off and a fleece nose band for comfort.  There is a strap between the front legs and elastic strap at girth point to keep the hood securely in place.

The hoods will help to keep plaits flat and pony cleaner – a real help when preparing for shows.

The hoods are suitable for Shetlands but will not be suitable for miniature horses as they are designed to accommodate the broader face of the Shetland and generous manes and forelocks.

Approximate size guide given below – this is just a guide but will be good for the vast majority. Adjust accordingly if your pony is particularly broad or narrow.

Shetland Size Small – approximate rug size 3’3 – 3’6
Shetland Size Medium – approximate rug size 3’9 – 4’0
Shetland size Large – approximate rug size 4’3 – 4’9

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