Shetland-Miniature-Section A Pull On Fly Mask With Ears




Shetland-Miniature-Section A Pull On Fly Mask With Ears

The Shetland-Miniature-Section A pull on fly mask with ears (Registered Design No: 6066551) is made from soft four way stretch Lycra so provides a close and comfortable fit.  It is a pull on design so no straps or zips to come undone or cause rubbing.  The Lycra pull on fly masks in this section are Registered to Ruggles and are therefore not available elsewhere.

The Shetland-Miniature-Section A Lycra pull on fly mask comes packed in a bag which is useful for storing when not in use.  The mask is washable – we recommend hand or gentle cycle with non-biological product and dry naturally.

The mask has mesh at the eye area which provides protection from insects but allows good visibility and has good clearance away from the eyes.  There is Lycra between the eyes to help keep the mesh away from the eye area.   The eye holes and mesh are extremely generous to give good clearance from the delicate eye area.  The design of the masks means they tend to stay in place very well but if you have a particularly itchy pony a head collar can be worn over the top without affecting the fit.

Due to the close fitting nature of these masks and lack of hardware, if you have a very sensitive pony they can be used underneath a bridle for riding or lunging.

As a guide we would recommend the following:

Std-Shet        Standard Shetland/Small pony

X-Mini           Miniature horses/miniature Shetland

In summary these masks feature:

  • Generous eye holes and mesh
  • Soft four way stretch Lycra
  • No hardware so reduced change of rubbing
  • Machine washable
  • Can be used for turnout or during exercise
  • Close fitting
  • Machine washable

We have a range of fly and summer rugs in a variety of fabrics.

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